How to arrange pictures on tumblr

You can leave them in a single column or place up to three of them side-by-side and let Tumblr automatically reduce the display size to fit the column width. Line smaller pictures up in the two unoccupied sections of the imaginary rectangle containing both big pictures. Drag and drop a picture from your desktop or file browser, or click the camera icon to select an image file from your computer.
How to arrange pictures on tumblr #1
See even more by checking out the image link. Ok, im making a photo album on facebook of an event. This makes it difficult to create your own page of tagged pictures.

One way to achieve this is to overwrite Blogger's default formatting and arrange the pictures manually in a table.

How to arrange pictures on tumblr
However, depending on the photoset layout, your format may become slightly off. Designed and manufactured by Tuuci, magazine spreads, discover and share your favorite Charlotte Dilaurentis GIFs, vector illustration Family connection polaroid.