Cabinet door painting jig

Recently we took on a full kitchen remodel in our first flip house and one of the biggest tasks was going to be painting the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. My jig has provided reliable service over several proje. Make sure you drill straight thr. These wide washers make the jig two sided, so it can be flipped over for the right- and lefthand placement of pulls on adjacent doors.
Cabinet door painting jig #2
This simple drilling jig, made from a scrap block and three fender washers, guarantees perfect results. Installing cabinet handles sounds like an easy task, but getting the exact placement on each door can be maddening.

Drill holes through your jig and then you'll have a template to use on every cabinet.

Cabinet door painting jig
Use our standard fencing or we will custom make to your design, cabinet door painting jig. Of course, there are some major differences, which makes the software a far better solution for organizing images. Then screw on three fender washers to register the jig on the door.