Aivazovsky and his paintings

Although he produced many portraits and landscapes, over half of all of Aivazovskys paintings are realistic depictions of coastal scenes and seascapes. The ninth wave is a true masterwork. His talent was discovered at a very early age. He first traveled to Venice via Berlin and Vienna and visited San Lazzaro degli Armeni, where an important Armenian Catholic congregation was located and his brother Gabriel lived at the time.
In it a thunderstorm rages above the boiling sea. The following year the artist undertook his first trip abroad by then he was a known seascape master and his fame preceded him in all his travels through Italy, Germany, France, Holland and Spain. He is most remembered for his beautifully melodramatic renditions of the seascapes of which he painted the most.
Aivazovsky and his paintings #2
The vast majority of Aivazovskys works depict the sea. Turner met when they were both visiting Rome.

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Aivazovsky and his paintings
Vector company logo element template letter c blue yellow icon. Expensive images and pictures of Office supplies. Aivazovsky studied Armenian manuscripts and became familiar with Armenian art. Another trademark of modern landscape is planting greenery in grid of a paved area.