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People StyleWatch Hollywood Denim Party. Workers in a nearby building snapped a few photos of Watts on top of her boyfriend. Browse photos of Daniele Watts.
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On TV, she is known as Angela Mullen, love interest to Shane Botwin, on. 'Charlie, Trevor And A Girl Savannah' - Los Angeles Premiere. Our designers are available every day.

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Watts reportedly left the vehicle and was detained by police shortly after when she declined to offer identification.

Daniele watts photos
Daniele Watts said she was doing nothing wrong before being accosted by police and placed in handcuffs on Sept. From the forest that is shaped like a guitar to a graveyard for airplanes, and I like the open book, watts. See exclusive photos and pictures of Daniele Watts from their movies, tv shows, red carpet events and more at TVGuide.