Blast resistant concrete design

An example is included in which a precast concrete panel is designed to resist a blast load. The concrete and steel structure design principal will be illustrated to select the suitable structure system. Design of Blast-Resistant Buildings in Petrochemcial Faciltities.
Blast resistant concrete design #2
What architects need to know to meet federal blast-resistance requirements. Design guide for blast resistant structures.

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Blast resistant concrete design
Residential-Commercial Housing. However, there is limited guidance available in the literature on the direct application of established blast effects principals to structural design.

The years that followed, arguably the most damaging and shocking domestic terrorism event in our nations history, resulted in the tightening of standards for our government buildings.

Blast resistant concrete design
The windows are designed to provide light and ventilation, while protecting the occupants against ballistic attack. Resistant Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures By Dennis. These standards are not isolated to security protocols, but to the requirements for the way these buildings are design. Reinforced concrete can provide substantial protection from even extreme blast loading.