Landscape edging types

Here the treatment of the ground plain or floor of the landscape changes from one material to another. Wood edging is laid on top of the ground, so it's good for keeping mulch in, but doesn't do such a good job at preventing underground-spreading unwanted plants from invading. Metal tends to be the longest lasting edging material, but it comes with a price and tends to be difficult to install. This is due to the large size of the pieces of wood used.
Landscape edging types #1
Consider using the expensive landscape edging material only in areas that will be seen up close and often, such as the front yard, or use it as an accent near garden focal points. But you arent just limited to one choice here either. Create a list of advantages and disadvantages of the different landscape edging types.

Compare attributes such as cost, visibility, curve options and more.

Landscape edging types
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